Everything has a start, and the 260 m² and an entrepreneurial mind were the starting point of Jorman in 1990, a company that began manufacturing accessories for the food industry, with the illusion and motivation of achieving something more.

Firmness and perseverance would be the guidelines that would lead to success and progress.Work well done and dedication would mark the tonic.And, malleability: the ingenuity and ability to be adaptable to industry needs.He thus became the right hand and faithful of his client.

In 1995 Jorman installed a Deaf Room with Glass Microspheres and, at the same time, the facilities were quadrupled, passing to 800 m².Not only this, the decisive investment in machinery in 2004 allowed two essential work pieces to be purchased: a Punch Machine and a CNC Bending Machine.

The experience, specialization and sum of a qualified team led to the incorporation of the I+D+i (Research + Development + Innovation) department in 2012.It would not have been possible to innovate without introducing the latest generation technology with the Automated Robotics Welding Center.Technology allowed the technique to be perfected, while good ideas led to innovation.

In 2014 decisive investments marked one before and one after: a Laser Cutting Center, doubling its facilities to 1600 m², as well as the acquisition of a plant of N2; being the first company in the region of Osona (Catalonia, Spain) that takes such an initiative.What does it lead to?Conscience for sustainability.Not just generating, but reusing and transforming energy is fundamental to advancing towards an optimal industrial future.What does Jorman get?Reduce environmental impact and optimize production costs.

The company has evolved through the professionalization of its working method and the rigor of each project based on: study, research, prototype and development testing.Optimal solutions to real problems make it possible to produce and advance in a highly competent market.The capacity and autonomy to respond to important food companies have been achieved.A company that acts from the pro-activity, demands and commitment of a human team; because nothing but people are the generating piece of possibilities.Wealth in human values; this shows that Jorman maintains the same template he selected in the early 1990s.And even better, the template has been multiplied and is increasing every year.

The end of 2016 and a continuous advance with the accession of an Automatic Profile Cutting Line, the latest generation ERP Software and the newest Softwares in Design and Production.In 2017, Jorman expanded 800 m² more than a ship, going to a total of 2,400 m², and with this optimum productive activity.Not to forget that public attention and professional service also deserved the opening of a 60 m physical store².

Jorman starts in 2018 and celebrates it with a renewed, fresher corporate image than ever, together with the unstoppable desire, strength and motivation of continuing to build a better industry with optimal equipment for the food sector, more innovative, and especially more respectful with people and the environment.


Company 100% familiar.


Yours faithfully,


Jordi Erra                                                                           Nikita Erra

Manager and founder since 1990.                                  Assistant director