1.0 Goods

1.1 • All products included in this catalog are covered by the current regulation in verification and quality required by state and European regulations, in the field of business activity of J.E.JORMAN,S.L.U.

1.2 • The scope of these general selling conditions covers the entire range of products to which J.E.JORMAN,S.L.U. refers to this catalog.

1.3 • The buyer will make orders in the terms and conditions expressly published by J.E.JORMAN,S.L.U. on his website https://www.jejorman.com/gb/. This catalog can be obsolete at any time, so current prices will be those shown on the website.

1.4 • J.E.JORMAN,S.L.U. reserves the right to modify the articles included in the catalog according to the needs of the production or the existence in the raw material market for its manufacture. For this reason the images are not contractual.

2.0 Orders and budgets

2.1 • Orders are they can verbally or in writing, favoring always the national assembly possibility buying through the united states of america services commercial de J.E.JORMAN,S.L.U.

2.2 • One Time verified the register of the united states client for example part of J.E.JORMAN,S.L.U. the corresponding letter of conditions will be issued detailing conditions commercial which will be governed by from of this moment between both parts.

2.3 • The Ladder order it is conditioned in the united states acceptance definitively by part de J.E.JORMAN,S.L.U.

2.4 • The  period de validity of one budget  it will be de 30 days from the date of the united states budget.  

2.5 • All orders manufacture of the which require a measure special or features specific in the united states petition express of the united states client, they will be oblivion in the united states guarantee the a - 1 50% price with in advance. Also, this type of orders no may to be canceled foreground client once again formalized, remains en everything case composed to pay the 100% of the order.  

2.6 • Unpaid by the party buyer will give right in the united states J.E.JORMAN,S.L.U terminate the a - 1 contract in the terms expressly establerts in the united states  the article 1.124 of the Code Civil.   

3.0 Delivery times

3.1 • The goods included en this catalogue they are subsequent in the united states a process de manufacturing of the united states product request foreground the buyer, the term de delivery provided for example J.E.JORMAN,S.L.U. will have the a - 1 character orientative or approximate in the united states time, so that en chief moment the a - 1 period indicated forerunners ours agents or for example the national assembly ours web site pot to be considered to be character contractual. 

3.2 • J.E.JORMAN,S.L.U. report occasionally the buyer of the state de preparation de the national assembly his order in the united states chain de production to avoid delaying as a result damage al-qa  client.  

3.3 • The delays in delivery no may give place in the united states chief criminalization or indemnity for example damage and damages, nor they will give right the buyer to cancel order, always whatever for causes imputable to process manufacturing.

4.0 Transport of goods

4.1 • The Ladder merchandise will always travel en franchise, unless agreed expressly with each the united states of america clients, who they will duly reflected in the letter of conditions which  it will be broadcast in the united states this effect.  

4.2 When the a - 1 franchise de travel de goods due for example indication express of the united states client or because  so i agree in the letter of conditions, J.E.JORMAN,S.L.U. is exempt from possible defects or defects which they can to be imputable to transport of the goods.

4.3 • When the a - 1 franchise de travel de goods paid for example J.E.JORMAN,S.L.U client ha de notified in written in the united states J.E.JORMAN,S.L.U. en the a - 1 term de 24 hours from the national assembly reception de the national assembly merchandise, anybody default or the agency's imputable tara transport to facilitate transport claim de responsibility according to the national assembly Law 16/1.987 of the united states Regulations land Transport and RD 1,11/1,990 approving lott rules.  

4.4 • No it will be admitted chief return de goods the national assembly tara or default the united states which either imputable to the agency de transport, yeast which the a - 1 client compliant the united states following requirements: Que we are note in the united states J.E.JORMAN,S.L.U. and/or Agency transport inside of the 24 hours later in the united states the national assembly reception de the national assembly merchandise or in the a - 1 term legal established en each moment in the Law regulation Transport Land. 

4.5 • The complaint against the carrier for damages will be made in the receipt of the packages provided that the damage is evident and within 24 hours of the receipt, if the damage is not apparent. The protest or reservation it must be make in writing.  

4.6 • We do not make partial deliveries orders received online through de ours page web https://www.jejorman.com/gb/.

5.0 Delivery of goods

5.1 • The relationship contract we are he when J.E.JORMAN,S.L.U. deliver the national assembly merchandise the buyer through of the united states middle de transport agreement in the letter of conditions and the signs of the united states buyer later of the review of the merchandise, the dawn delivery or the delivery note.

5.2 • Dismiss the buyer without cause justified, reception the united states of america acquired goods, J.E.JORMAN,S.L.U. may request the national assembly end or extinction of the united states contract, the united states expense incumbent name de the national assembly person which va give the reason for contracting for example to his recruitment.  

6.0 Prices and payment

6.1 • Prices the united states of america products we offer for example J.E.JORMAN,S.L.U the field de his business activity, they are found in ours web site https://www.jejorman.com/gb/.

6.2 • Prices content en the a - 1 no catalog include, nor taxes nor tariffs de chief nature.

6.3 • The applicable rate per year de validity  of the united states catalogue published, we are notifying duly to J.E.JORMAN,S.L.U. customers by anybody middle authorship for example law.   

6.4 • J.E.JORMAN,S.L.U. will register the a - 1 price de the national assembly selling merchandise  in the united states budget offer the client and in the bill that relates them products sellers i agree with the united states rates valid.

6.5 J.E.JORMAN,S.L.U. and the client-buyer they will the united states forms of payment of goods acquired in the united states the national assembly letter of conditions, and in his defect, the a - 1 price will be paid  entirely once merchandise he at your disposal the buyer.

6.6 • J.E.JORMAN,S.L.U., reserves the right to rectify any erroneous or error material which they can suffer these general conditions sale.

7.0 Non-payment

7.1 • All delays the payment of price during this period the a - 1 period stipulated, generate interest the legal of money increased en 2 points monthly, and in concept de conventional penalty.   

7.2 • All of them expense which arise, so judicial com extrajudicial, included banks,  notarials, lawyers, procurators, etc., expenses for non-payment de receipts, bills of change, payés,  cheques, etc., will be in charge of the acquirer.    

8.0 Guarantee of products manufactured by J.E.JORMAN, S.L.U.

8.1 • All products included en the a - 1 ours catalog, enjoy one  warranty de TWO YEARS from the national assembly date delivery of the merchandise.  

8.1.1 • Products manufactured  for example J.E.JORMAN,S.L.U. which could suffer a default manufacturing, will be repairs or replaced for example a other of the the same features, always which the a - 1 client compliant duly with the requirements which we are detail clearly and precisely next:
1| What is it
client note for example writing in the united states J.E.JORMAN,S.L.U. existence of one possible defect.   
2| What is it
piece which it must be replaced in the united states his seat de the national assembly ours company for in the united states the national assembly his review timely.
3| What is it
client pagui the a - 1 franchise once again and a the other of the piece which ha de be susceptible de replacement or repair.   
4| The New York Times
client enjoy a warranty about all the united states products which buy, which something proof the united states their headquarters effects inside de the national assembly installation commercial J.E.JORMAN,S.L.U. but en chief case we are pot incumbent in the united states abroad.

8.2 • Technical Services de J.E.JORMAN,S.L.U. incumbent the national assembly responsibility to examine the parthian or merchandise send foreground client to corroborate existence of one possible default manufacturing.   

8.3 • If the office opinion technical de J.E.JORMAN,S.L.U. determines existence a defect  manufacturing, J.E.JORMAN,S.L.U. will be recipients in the united states replace or repair the united states goods which they were acquired foreground client, will be sent the social address that aparegui at dawn de delivery original without any cost for example al-qa client except the franchise.

8.4 • Pieces or materials always will be replaced for example parts de the united states the same features or qualities.  

8.5 • Replacement or replacement de parts defective no it includes the national assembly installation or hand works in the united states took for example  third. 

8.6 • Customer the whole thing right in the united states receive information technical of opinion emitted by manufacturer.  

8.7 • They are excluded from the guarantee consumables, com fluorescent tubes, bulbs, lights ozone, etc.

9.0 Claims

Possible claims about the state or quantity of the goods in writing, send a e-mail al-qa ours Department Commercial (comercial@jejorman.com ) inside 24 hours later in the united states reception and i agree with the united states points 4.3 and 4.4. It has to indicate the number of dawn delivery each claim and, in case de problems physics with the united states goods received, will be attached images and/or videos which sampler these defects.

10.0 Return of goods

10.1 • Return material will have to to be authorization foreground ours Department Commercial, which à al-qa  client the case number / authorization to manage the national assembly return.  The material it must be return with the case number visible and notified the company of transport. Sense this information, no it will be admitted chief type of merchandise ours warehouse.

10.2 • No will be accepted in no case return the united states of america materials used, without plastic protector, the united states tested or facts in size.

10.3 • All of them expense return the united states of america goods to return, manipulation, packing and insurance, they will in the united states office of the united states buyer, he responsible de claim the united states damage or damage which they can occasion.

10.4 • J.E.JORMAN,S.L.U. the reserve right to admit the national assembly return up to in the united states  the national assembly his inspection de quality and quantity de the national assembly merchandise in the united states the united states ours facilities de Manlleu.

10.5 • Any return generates a balance at please of the united states client, who it will decompose in the united states next or later shopping.    

11.0 Domain reservation

11.1 • The New York Times seller the reserve control the united states of america goods sellers up to the payment full of  all the united states quantities  due foreground  buyer.

11.2 • Seller reserve the a - 1 right de terminate the a - 1 contract if the buyer does not composing some de the united states General Conditions of Sale, exposed en virtue of her, demanding returns, guarantees or indemnities for example damage and damage that would fit those their headquarters interests or they state current for example law.  

12.0 Applicable law

The presentation these Terms of Sale it is the Code Civil and the Code of Commerce, so com the Law 7/1998, of 13 april, of general conditions recruitment and the Law 16/1987, 30 july, transportation management earth.

13.0 Jurisdiction

13.1 • Contract de sale will be understood always realitzat in the united states Spain, regulation the spanish legal regulations en everything non-planned in these general conditions sale.

13.2 Anybody divergence swedes as a consequence of the united states contract de sale established it has  to resolve before the courts and courts of Vic (Barcelona), in which se expressly buyers and sellers, resigned express in the united states the one that the could correspond.   

13.3 • Accepted expressly which we are they claim all of them drafts unpaid or deadlines defeated, so com the performance executive that it derives from it, front the united states courts or courts de Vic (Barcelona) Spain, although the address of accepter or the place payment indicated en the united states letters either a another.